El endeudamiento para el acceso a la vivienda: los modelos de justicia detrás de la protección constitucional al deudor Academic Article


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  • In Colombia, housing policies have made access to decent housing conditional on the citizen's acquisition of debt. Being part of people's everyday lives and instantiated by asymmetrical power relations, debt becomes a constitutional concern due to the failure of housing distribution using the market's logic. Within this context, this research article presents how public policies, since the 30s, built the characterization of the debtor and analyzes how the Constitutional Court has contributed to the definition of that subject. To advance the proposed analysis, this text characterizes the abstract models of justice that frame the justifications for protecting the debtor and shows the problems derived from the adoption of those justifications.

publication date

  • 2020-12-1


  • 69


  • Colombia
  • Constitutional Protections
  • citizen
  • constitutional court
  • everyday life
  • housing policy
  • indebtedness
  • justice
  • market
  • public policy
  • text analysis

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  • 0041-9060