Modelo lógico de la supervisión como actividad educativa para la formación en psicología clínica: concepciones de supervisores clínicos Academic Article


  • This qualitative study aimed to formulate a logic model describing the clinical supervision as an educational and programmatic activity. Data was collected by interviewing 10 clinical supervisors affiliated with a bachelor's program in psychology and a master's program in clinical psychology, offered by a privately-owned university located in Bogotá, Colombia. Answers were analyzed following the NCT method (noticing things, collecting things, thinking about things). Descriptors of resources, activities and results were obtained in addition to the identification of these critical issues: (1) a higher specialization of resources used in the master's program; (2) the contribution of psychosocial projects at the bachelor's level; (3) a differential implementation of activities oriented towards development of metacognition and reflection on the learning process; (4) type and quality of evidence collected by supervisors in relation to the supervisees' learning outcomes, and (5) the need for designing and implementing observable indicators of skill and competence development. This logic model is an appropriate antecedent to the formulation of research questions that could be answered by conducting a further evaluation study of this program.

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  • 2016/6/1


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  • Clinical Psychology
  • Colombia
  • Education
  • Learning
  • Mental Competency
  • Metacognition
  • Psychology
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  • Thinking

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