Alcances, retos y perspectivas de la Escuela Intercultural de Diplomacia Indígena: una introducción a nuestras experiencias recientes Chapter


  • The text that we present to you, dear readers, not only gathers the product of something more than a year of intense work of the Intercultural School, these pages also try to show the feelings, emotions, proposals, struggles, limitations, errors and energies that this period of time has brought as teaching. Our academic, labor and political bet has its zero point in the confidence in interculturality. Interculturality as a possibility of respectful relationship, yes, but above all conscious, of different ways of knowing, of living, of resolving from everyday life, the injustices that affect the majority of Colombians. We trust in education, in its exercise, but mostly in its problematization and reinvention, in the need to build a more human knowledge, where discourses and their categories do not serve as mere disciplinary legitimacy, but as a construction mechanism. To build a world where all worlds fit, with their tensions, antagonisms, disputes and competencies.

publication date

  • 2015/1/1


  • build
  • discourses
  • interculturality
  • ways

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