Quantum phase transition between orbital-selective Mott states in Hund's metals Academic Article


  • Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics


  • We report a quantum phase transition between orbital-selective Mott states, with different localized orbitals, in a Hund's metals model. Using the density matrix renormalization group, the phase diagram is constructed varying the electronic density and Hubbard U, at robust Hund's coupling. We demonstrate that this transition is preempted by charge fluctuations and the emergence of free spinless fermions, as opposed to the magnetically driven Mott transition. The Luttinger correlation exponent is shown to have a universal value in the strong-coupling phase, whereas it is interaction dependent at intermediate couplings. At weak coupling we find a second transition from a normal metal to the intermediate-coupling phase.

publication date

  • 2014-12-5


  • 90


  • Fermions
  • Metals
  • Phase diagrams
  • Phase transitions
  • electronics
  • exponents
  • fermions
  • interactions
  • metals
  • orbitals
  • phase diagrams
  • preempt

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  • 1098-0121