Strengthening of the community-based rehabilitation network of the District Health Secretariat according to the description of human talent services and actions to be carried out according to the needs and convenience chart of the Hospital's IPS reference area. view Grant


  • Although all subprojects start from the same conceptual basis, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), each one behaves as an independent unit in terms of its objectives, methodology, results, analysis and human talent responsible for its development, which is why each component or subproject delivered its own final report following the same structure: introduction, background, conceptual theoretical framework, methodological reference framework, products and results. TheTranslated with
  • Aunque todos los subproyectos parten de la misma base conceptual, la Rehabilitación Basada en Comunidad (RBC), cada uno se comporta como unidad independiente en cuanto a sus objetivos, metodología, resultados, análisis y talento humano responsable para su desarrollo, razón por la cual cada componente o subproyecto entregó su propio informe final siguiendo la misma estructura: introducción, antecedentes, marco teórico conceptual, marco de referencia metodológica, productos y resultados. El ar

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  • 2011-04-04 - 2011-07-04