Reply: Anterior Uveitis Due to Intracameral Moxifloxacin: A Case Report Letter


  • Reply letter to the editor: Bilateral acute iris transillumination (BAIT) presentation is characterized by iris transillumination and pigment showering secondary to an acute loss of iris pigmented epithelium, persistent mydriasis, and occasional intraocular hypertension. An association with the use of fluoroquinolones for respiratory tract infections, specially moxifloxacin, has been widely described. In our case, we present a patient with a unilateral ocular compromise and severe intraocular inflammation associated with a local fluoroquinolone inoculation. Thus, we considered that the most accurate diagnosis for this patient was BAIT-like syndrome, since we were facing fundamental findings and risk factors of a BAIT syndrome but associated to a local instillation of the drug and additional clinical characteristics.

publication date

  • 2020-1-1