Los decretos en el sistema normativo colombiano: Una política estatal de invención normativa- Academic Article


  • This paper offers a global vision of the types of Colombian national government's decrees in the constitutional system. The paper thesis focuses on showing the way how the executive branch has manipulated the Constitution in order to enact whichever type of decree, even though it has not the competence for that. Also it aims to get not only from the Constitutional Court and the State Council but also the society a preoccupation about the necessary labor of establishing a precise standard classification of the pieces of the Colombian legal system for detecting those of the executive branch which violate our supreme norm and start a long way in order to demolish the norm invention paradigm.

publication date

  • 2008/6/30


  • Society
  • constitution
  • constitutional court
  • invention
  • labor
  • legal system
  • paradigm
  • statutary order

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  • 0041-9060

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