Gobierno Electrónico en Colombia:: Marco normativo y evaluación de tres índices estratégicos Academic Article


  • This study presents a review of the regulatory framework dealing with modernization of theState and Electronic Government in Colombia, from 1995 until the present, and assessment of its de-velopment according to international criteria, using three indexes for the 2003-2013 period: a) The In-dex of Electronic Government from the United Nations; b) theNetworked Readiness Indexfrom theWorld Economic Forum; and c) The Index of Perception of Corruption and International Transpar-ency. To analyze the tendencies in these indexes, linear regression, relative and quartile positionswere employed. Results made it possible to show a constant evolution of the regulatory framework.Assessment of the indexes is not conclusive. Although Colombia has positive ratings in terms of hu-man capital stock and a high Web presence by the Government, it is essential to advance in techno-logical infrastructure and work around the perception of corruption by the citizenry.

publication date

  • 2015/1/1


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  • Colombia
  • UNO
  • United Nations
  • corruption
  • economics
  • electronic government
  • electronics
  • index
  • infrastructure
  • modernization
  • present
  • rating
  • regression
  • regulatory framework

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