Explotación sexual de niños, niñas y adolescentes: modelo de intervención Academic Article


  • Abstract (analytical): In this article we present and analyze the model of intervention applied by the Terra de Homes Foundation, from the study on the sexual exploitation of children and teenagers in the city of Cartagena, with the aim of strengthening the access to justice of the victims of sexual exploitation from the perspective of the empowering of society, the defense of human rights and gender equality. The research was conducted with a methodology with a qualitative approach developed under the scheme of participation. We showcase the risk factors that have an effect on the proliferation of such situations, and we systematized the model of legal empowering and judicial representation of these groups victims of sexual exploitation, and the main axes of intervention against this situation, in a way so that it was possible to evidence that the model makes the problem of ESNNA visible and that it is possible to generate tools for its intervention.

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  • 2013/12/1


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  • Group
  • Society
  • adolescent
  • equality
  • evidence
  • exploitation
  • gender
  • human rights
  • justice
  • methodology
  • participation
  • proliferation

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