Función endotelial y lipemia postprandial en adultos con presencia de criterios asociados a síndrome metabólico: efecto del estado nutricional: Effect of nutritional state Academic Article


  • Introduction: Postprandial lipemia is characterised by an increase in triglyceride-rich lipoproteins and several studies describe it as a factor that determines metabolic health of an individual. The motivation of the study was to quantify the contribution to overweight in the magnitude of the postprandial lipemia in 33 persons with criteria associated to metabolic syndrome (n = 20 being overweight and n = 13 eutrophic, 66% male, average age 31.2. ±. 7.6 years). Methods: Cross-sectional descriptive study. Flow-mediated vasodilation, pulse wave velocity, lipid profile, log of the triglyceride/protein ratio, glucose and blood pressure were measured after high standard intake of lipids (79% Kcal/fat). Z-score for cardiovascular risk was calculated using the sum of typified residues (Z) of biochemical variables. Lipemia state was measured at fasting (0. min) and after 60, 120, 180 and 240 postprandial minutes. Results: Baseline flow-mediated vasodilation and pulse wave velocity values were 6.9. ±. 5.9% and 7.0. ±. 0.8. m/s, respectively. It was identified that postprandial lipemia reduced flow-mediated vasodilation by 19.2% after 60. minutes (5.9. ±. 1.5%) and after 240. minutes (3.7. ±. 1.2%) (p = 0.04), respectively. This finding was paired with an increase in pulse wave velocity (p. <. 0.05). When dividing subjects into two groups according to their body mass index, overweight participants show higher Z-score cardiovascular risk values, pulse wave velocity, log of the triglyceride/protein ratio and the δ pulse wave velocity (p. > 0.001). Conclusion: This study reveals that overweight individuals showing criteria associated to metabolic syndrome have a cardiometabolic profile linked to a higher cardiovascular risk, after high intake of lipids.

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