Invariant states for the time dynamics of a class of multidimensional lattice quantum Fermi systems Academic Article


  • The study of invariant states of fermionic lattice systems begun earlier is contined. Under the assumption that the time dynamics corresponds to a (formal) Hamiltonian H0 and the invariant state φ is a KMS state for some "Hamiltonian"H [1], one-dimensional lattice Fermi systems were considered in the earlier work. In particular, the case when H0 is not a quadratic form in the creation and annihilation operators and all nonquadratic terms in H0 are diagonal was studied. In this case, it was shown that up to an arbitrary diagonal quadratic form N the Hamiltonian H is proportional to H0, i.e., that φ is a KMS state of βH0+N. In this paper, we obtain a similar result for Fermi systems of arbitrary dimension by a somewhat different method to the one used earlier [1]. © 1993 Plenum Publishing Corporation.

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  • 1993/1/1


  • Annihilation
  • Arbitrary
  • Class
  • Directly proportional
  • Invariant
  • KMS States
  • Lattice System
  • Operator
  • Quadratic form
  • Term
  • operators

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