La naturaleza imperativa del principio "no hay paz sin justicia" respecto a los máximos responsables del fenómeno de la lesa humanidad y sus consecuencias para el ámbito de actuación de la llamada "justicia de transición" Academic Article


  • Abstract This text studies the imperative nature of the prohibition of committing crimes against humanity in international law, and the obligation to prosecute, judge, and punish these crimes. In this way, it develops the complementarity of transitional justice with the abovementioned obligations. These results in the conclusion that transitional justice processes have to be built on the paradigm of "no peace without justice" and not the other way around.

publication date

  • 2016/4/1


  • 49


  • international law
  • justice
  • obligation
  • offense
  • paradigm
  • peace
  • person responsible

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  • 0041-8633