American and Canadian Counterinsurgency Strategies in Afghanistan Book


  • The book aims to explain the factors that brought about a high degree of similarity between American and Canadian foreign and security policies during the Afghanistan intervention. Specifically, it seeks to explain why, despite their different positions in the international distribution of power, the United States and Canada embraced similar counterinsurgency (COIN) strategies from 2005/2006 to 2011. During this time, the United States and Canada fought against insurgent groups, sought to maintain stabilized areas by mentoring Afghan forces, and invested in infrastructure and governance. These goals, which corresponded to the ‘clear,’ ‘hold,’ and ‘build’ COIN components, entailed sending troops and civilian officials to a war zone and committing financial resources

publication date

  • 2023-1-1


  • 1


  • Afghanistan
  • Canada
  • Group
  • distribution of power
  • foreign policy
  • governance
  • infrastructure
  • mentoring
  • resources
  • security policy
  • time

number of pages

  • 238