Inequidades Territoriales En Colombia: Un Balance Del Sistema General De Regalías (Sgr) En El Cierre De La Brecha Interregional. Academic Article


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  • The transformation of the General System of Royalties (Sistema General de Regalias) focuses on territorial development and the betterment of the conditions of wellbeing of municipal and departmental inhabitants. Because of this, a significant effect on the conditons of territorial imbalance is to be expected. This article evaluates the impact of the General System of Royalties transformation on territorial development. First, the change in the system, its causes and its benefits are examined. Second, the dynamics of departmental economies are analyzed, as well as the departmental economic growth in the last 20 years, to establish the economic conditions on which the system was founded. Third, its contribution to territorial development, the sectors that it tends to, and the territorial entities that benefit from it are established. Finally, an evaluation of the relationship between municipal administrative capability and the distribution of resource royalties, which show indications of political influence in the approval of projects for territorial entities. (English) [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

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  • 2015-1-1


  • Colombia
  • cause
  • economic growth
  • economics
  • economy
  • evaluation
  • indication
  • inhabitant
  • political influence
  • resources

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