Ética en la comunidad blogger: una reflexión a partir de la información difundida del atentado terrorista de Paris en 2015 Academic Article


  • This article proposes a debate about ethics in the blogger community, in which Twitterusers are also included. First a literature review is done relating issues of collaborativejournalism with ethics in the blogger community does. A case study of reports Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias and Spanish La Vanguardia about misinformation at the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris spreaded primarily through the publication of tweets. Specifically in this case a lack of transparency andaccuracy of the citizens by publishing false information or rumors in tragic situationssuch as terrorist attacks. Therefore, it is essential the debate on ethics, especiallybecause in situations like that citizens who are on the scene become the main source of information for society and the media.

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  • 2016/1/1


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  • Society
  • citizen
  • community
  • journalism
  • lack
  • literature
  • moral philosophy
  • newspaper
  • rumor
  • source of information
  • transparency
  • twitter

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