¿Existe asociación entre los comportamientos de riesgo en salud sexual y reproductiva y el ser estudiante de medicina ? Estudio de corte transversal. Bogotá (Colombia) Academic Article


  • Revista Colombiana de Obstetricia y Ginecologia


  • Objective: exploring whether there is an association between having greater knowledge in areas regarding health care which, presumably, medical students have, and developing healthy attitudes and behaviour regarding sexual and reproductive health. Methodology: an analytical cross-sectional study was performed using a convenience sample of 829 undergraduate students studying in the schools of medicine and law at a private university in Bogotá, Colombia. A survey was designed which was based on the Youth Risk Behavioral Survey (YRBS) to anonymously evaluate students' perception of knowledge and behavior regarding sexual and reproductive health. Both groups were compared by OR and their respective 95% CI. Results: 225 (27.1%) students were surveyed from the law school and 604 (72.9%) from the school of medicine. The law students presented a greater risk of having initiated sexual relationships (OR=2,21; 1.5-3.24 95% CI); having had a higher number of sexual partners (2.33 vs 2.76 p<0.0001) and were at greater risk of engaging in sexual relationships accompanied of drug and alcohol consumption (OR=1.92; 1.19-3.11 95% CI). No statistically significant differences were found regarding condom use, contraceptive practices, presentation of STD, having a background of pregnancy or self-care practices related to sexual and reproductive health. Conclusions: medical students were not found to be at less risk regarding all criteria related to sexual and reproductive health.

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  • 2010-1-1


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