La transformación postsecular de la relación entre religión y racionalidad Academic Article


  • The article examines the idea of a direct link between modernization and the loss of plausibility of religious belief, explores the contemporary image of the relation between religion and rationality, and shows why it is not possible to say that the advance of science leads to secularization. In view of the question regarding whether post- secularization entails the mutual exclusion of religion and rationality, it examines the proposals of J. Habermas and N. Wolterstorff, in a search for normative criteria for the dialogue between religious and non-religious rationalities.

publication date

  • 2015/1/1


  • 64


  • Exclusion
  • Modernization
  • Plausibility
  • Postsecular
  • Rationality
  • Religion
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Secularization

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  • 0120-0062

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