Doctorate in Political and International Studies  |  Degree

Political and International Studies constitute a field of diverse knowledge that brings together a variety of disciplines, which aim to reveal complex probems that cannot be adequately understood without employing a range of theoretical and methodological approaches. Each year, Universidad del Rosario offers up to four students the opportunity to enter the program. These students will be financed through payment of tuition fees and a monthly bursary. Upon completion of the doctorate, they will be capable of offering scientific interpretations of the political flux of the globalized world, and be equipped with robust tools in philosophy, history and sociology that will enable them to perform aptly in any branch of the discipline.
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Basic core of knowledge

  • Political Science, International Relations


  • Doctor of Political and International Studies

Level of Education

  • Doctorate


  • In-person attendance

Number of semesters

  • 3 Annual

knowledge area

  • Social and human sciences


  • 103093