Liderazgo y autoeficacia en el comportamiento organizacional positivo Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Contreras Ruiz, Ivan
  • Pinto Erazo, Laura María
  • Sanchez Hernandez, Maria Paula


  • The goal of this project is review the basics about creating relationships with partners’ leaders within organizations, such relationships and links can positively or negatively affect the performance of their daily activities within an organization. We began our research studying the concept of transformational leadership, psychological capital and which components were part of this factor.The development of our investigation was emphasized between transformational leadership and self-efficacy as they are key factors in the development of organizational activities because they clearly affect the human capital of companies and are directly related to the growth of the same, which He led us to wonder what relationship will transformational leadership and self-efficacy in productivity of businesses?It is here where the importance of this research since the change of thinking of organizations towards transformational leadership could achieve maximizing staff performance work in relation to the objective of the company. Upon reaching conclusion that there is indeed a positive effect on equity specifically individuals develop a psychological factor in achieving a remarkable self-efficacy, productive and efficient performance within organizations.

publication date

  • July 5, 2016 7:48 PM


  • Leadership
  • human factor
  • positive organizational behaviour
  • productivity
  • psychological capital
  • self-efficacy
  • transformational leadership

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  • 004ec525-d002-4d20-b43c-04347462c95d