El problema de la escritura en las relaciones entre filosofía y literatura : Lyotard, Bajtín y Derrida Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

Thesis author

  • González Moreno, Ariel Camilo


  • The trouble of writing in the relation between philosophy and literature: Lyotard, Bajtín and Derrida. The article makes different questions about the relations between philosophy and literature, taking the Lyotards notion of Archipelago as start point. Lyotard understands the language as the multiple ways of constitution of discourses. We understand the literary work as the possibility of coexistence of the multitude of discourses. Therefore, we make a research of the Bajtin and Derridas works, to show the ways philosophy take possession of the literary text. Bajtin writes about a poliphony in the literary work, in which different voices lives around the text. Derrida takes possession of the poliphony, and his own philosophy is the construction of spaces for the coexistence of diverse and contradictory writings. For this reason we understand literature as a way of live in the language, which wants to get open over voices of different otherness. The philosophy, in this study of the literary writing, is opened to the experience of the otherness.

publication date

  • 2009-12-15


  • Philosophy
  • epistemology
  • limits, voices, otherness
  • literature

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  • 0627c64e-e0db-49f9-9d06-06378e2798c9