Dime qué te enseñan y te diré en lo que crees: conceptualizaciones y percepciones estudiantiles sobre la democracia a partir de las experiencias suscitadas por las prácticas de formación democrática adelantadas en un colegio público de Bogotá. Thesis

short description

  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Millán Barbosa, Angie Johana


  • During the nineties, important political, social and economic transformations occurred in Colombia. One of the most significant changes in education was the introduction of democratic education practices in school implemented with the purpose of consolidating in society a series of habits, values and practices in line with the new social order established and protected by the Constitution of 1991.Despite legislative and state efforts to promote democracy in school, practices developed in educational institutions have failed to respond effectively to the objective of consolidating a democratic environment at school and in society in general. For this reason, in this paper I analyze how a particular school assumes and implements democratic proposals legally formulated, the tensions raised by the introduction of democratic proposal at school. I additionally perform an analysis of conceptualizations of democracy configurated by these practices which shape the imaginaries, everyday actions and speeches of students and teachers at school.

publication date

  • 2016-10-06


  • Agency
  • Citizen education
  • Democracy
  • Hidden curriculum
  • Participation
  • Reproduction
  • Resistance
  • School
  • School governance
  • Youth citizenship

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