Estudio de pre-factibilidad para ampliar la planta de lácteos de la Cooperativa Coagroles en Sesquilé, Cundinamarca Thesis

short description

  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • García Tenorio, Ángela Marcela
  • Vargas Pardo, Tania


  • The pre-feasibility study to expand the dairy Coagroles plant in Sesquilé, located in Cundinamarca came from the objective to provide to the cooperative members from an academic standpoint, how they can have better performance in the work for the operation of the cooperative’s success. Taking into account that Coagroles members have shown interest in this project, we as students of International Business Administration and Administration in Logistics and Production, we have put our knowledge to research, which covering both strengths and weaknesses in order to find alternatives and options to improve the current situation. In this case, is the production and cooling of milk. Aiming to increase the income of the Coagroles cooperative. This is a work in partnership with an educational institution; in this case Rosario’s University and government entities, which together are responsible for the development of the country. Seeks to provide citizenship opportunities for improvement and progress in economic activities they perform. Currently, the sector is experiencing a situation of complexity in the markets, where each days is more demanding, taking into account that the smalls producers should be strengthened to compete with others not only nationally but also internationally soon.

publication date

  • 2012-06-07


  • Alliances
  • Competence
  • Cooperative
  • Efficiency
  • Higher incomes
  • Processing milk
  • Productivity
  • Small farmers

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  • 1610b5ac-5144-49f5-89b0-30d14bcabd64