Evaluación de la siniestralidad en pequeñas y medianas empresas en los sectores económicos de la regional centro de una aseguradora de riesgos laborales, Colombia, 2014. Thesis

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  • Postgraduate thesis

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  • Pabon Rivera, Sayda Danira
  • Roca Alvarez, Hanya Carolina


  • ntroduction: The statistics of workplace accidents are the negative of working conditions in the economy of a country. Undesirable working conditions that prevail today are probably a result of the growing temporary contracts which leads to workplace accidents increase, due to the poor investment in the area of occupational hazards. This article seeks to determine the economic sectors most affected; risk types of claims with its predominant diagnoses and type of care provided to determine the impact of severity in relation to the days of disability and welfare generated value; to suggest intervention strategies for prevention and promotion in small and medium-sized enterprises and consequently reduceaccident rates and positively impact on the health of workers, absenteeism rates and health care costs.Objective: Evaluation of accidents in small and medium enterprises in the economic sectors of the regional center on occupational risk insurer, Colombia, 2014.Materials and methods: Descriptive, retrospective observational study, conducted 14,994 workplace accidents classified as an occupational hazard insurer regional center during January to December 2014 events.Results: The highest incidence was in the accident, insurance, real estate and business services, with 36.9% economic sector financial institutions. It was found that the highest accident risk genus level was dropped to 17.2%. The diagnosis was the predominant group of superficial injuries and open wounds with a 77.4%. The type of care that generated greater attention to outpatient care was 93.1%.Findings: The economic sector that was mostly affected by accidents at work was financial, insurance, real estate and business services, with 36.9% establishments which is consistent because in this category trade sectors were included, general, temporary and surveillance, accident guilds great services to associate the economic sector with the type of risk it was determined that the risk for injury in sports accident was 61%, predisposing the development of labor accidents.

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  • 2015-12-15


  • Accident
  • Cost Assistance
  • Risk
  • Severity
  • absenteeism
  • economic sector

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