El trabajo en equipo en el Proceso Administrativo y de Compras en OPL Carga de Bucaramanga Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Silva Remolina, Maria Andrea


  • Problem: The administrative and shopping in OPL Charge process has some shortcomings including: failures in the communication between the operating staff, no calls are often done using email, causing saturation of requests which end without being resolved as refers to roles , no process approach given that there is no clear tasks for each position , no further clarity on the threads , damaging the process with increased costs, loss of time, no official responsibilities all times are run in the allotted time, shared leadership has ambiguities. Objectives: Define teamwork in the administrative process and shopping of OPL charge Bucaramanga. To conduct research that is descriptive, seeks to discover the flaws or features to design and develop a model solution to the problems of team OPL charge SAS Materials and methods: The research conducted is descriptive, the objective is to define the model of teamwork and describe the shortcomings in the administrative process and shopping in OPL charge Bucaramanga, leading to a comprehensive diagnosis that may lead to the implementation solution strategies. Results: Variable communication, performance, complementary skills, meaningful purpose and specific goal of officials in OPL charge administrative section: shortcomings in the following areas were identified. Conclusions: The model of teamwork that applies OPL is hierarchical, in which stability, security is provided, decisions are made in a pyramid, by planning tasks, collaboration, equality and respect for members, working for troubleshooting. A conceptual level that allowed expose the student has the interpretation of theories, research, and valid for understanding the research problem background was constructed. Communication Area: Coordinate activities designed for officials to respond to emails in accurate time to work. Area conditions: Clarify and design rules of behavior within work teams that result in improving the same and finding appropriate solutions. Area specific goals: Ensure compliance through audits of the goals and objectives proposed by each team.

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  • 2014-06-09


  • Administration
  • Communication
  • Performance
  • Teams
  • goals

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