Descripción de la estructura organizacional del área de innovación y su relación con los procesos de sostenibilidad Thesis

short description

  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Gutiérrez Vega, Cristian Leonardo


  • The following research is focused on the study of the Colombian enterprises, in which operational functions and structures must be re-evaluated. For instance, the development or innovation department must change in order to be up to date with the topics related to the TIC’s. This change is necessary thus the Colombian enterprises need to be sustainable and in constant growth, otherwise they will not be competitive and will eventually disappear. This thesis is focused on the ideas already mentioned. In the first chapter you will find the study of the following concepts: Organizational structures, innovation, and sustainability. The second chapter studies the description of research and design methodologies, the participants on such research, the procedure for the field study and the tools used for the information collected. Moreover, the third and fourth chapters present consequently the result of the interviews and the discussion and analysis of the results. Furthermore, the last chapter refers to the conclusions, advise, suggestions and references.

publication date

  • 2014-06-10


  • organizations, structure, innovation, TIC´s, sustainability

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  • 2443efd2-9902-4a70-a899-677ead15c96f