Políticas Públicas en Educación Superior en Colombia Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Puentes Campos, Jennifer Alejandra


  • This paper analyzes the public policies of higher education in Colombia, which includes the description of its structure, as well as the analysis of the ways in which the Government intervenes in higher education and the insurance system of the quality of higher education. The work is organized in eight chapters, in the first the research problem is defined; in the second, an analysis of the theory of human capital is made from the perspective of different authors. Chapters three and four present a description of the structure and regulation of the higher education in Colombia, as well as the way in which the Government intervenes to certify the different programs and universities. The fifth chapter presents an analysis of the quality assurance system of higher education, in the sixth is analyzed the institute ICETEX as a form of higher education financing. The seventh chapter presents an analysis of the impact of SENA on the formation of human capital in Colombia, and finally the eighth chapter presents an analysis of the effects of public policies on the measurement of human capital. Based on the above, the conclusions of the work are presented in the ninth chapter. As a general conclusion, it was found that the Colombian Government has developed different mechanisms and public policies aimed at organizing, structuring and guaranteeing the quality of higher education in the country, as well as financing systems that allow more students to access higher education and in this way contribute to the reduction of inequality in education. However, it is still necessary to have public policies that can provide greater educational support to students from low socio-economic levels as well as more active participation of the State, educational institutions and society to guarantee an educational system that not only aims to increase coverage but also guarantee a quality education for the students and in this way guarantee a real progress of the country.

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  • May 20, 2019 4:46 PM


  • Higher education
  • Human capital
  • Public policies

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