El Espectador como actor en la guerra contra el narcotráfico en Colombia (1983-1989) Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Gama, Andrés


  • From an analysis journalistic discourse of El Espectador, in a period that runs from August 25, 1983 to September 2, 1989, which a corpus of news, special reports, opinion pieces and editorials were collected, in this grade this paper seeks to demonstrate that this City daily was as much a political actor as social in the conflict between the drug cartels and the Colombian State. It is argued that different actions performed by the newspaper, denouncing and showed circumstantial facts of the moment, allowed him to become a lobbyist who disposed of all its variety and ability to influence and alter the behavior of other actors involved in the call 'war on drugs', during the decade of the eighties in Colombia.

publication date

  • 2015-05-06


  • El Espectador.
  • Newspapers
  • drug trafficking
  • journalistic analysis of information processing
  • political and social actor

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