Vida y muerte empresarial - Estudios empíricos de perdurabilidad, empresas saludables : caso Bodytech Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Darwiche Farhat, Mohamed
  • Velez Gonzalez, Jose Nicolas


  • In the past few years Colombia has been growing exponentially many businesses that are new for the market and for Colombian customers. This is the result of sustainability and perdurability of the companies that are a key point for businesses during this rough time. But there are many components that are necessary for the achievement of financial and economic goals. Companies are always looking for to develop an outstanding growth model, to establish in the long-term goodwill and a core business. On this case scenario, there is a Colombian company called BODYTECH, which started as a small business and now is positioned as the top sport center in Colombia and one of the most important in Latin America. BODYTECH main founders managed to create a total new business idea for a market that never had seen anything quite like it before. They took advantage of the opportunity in a sector that was not explored before and became the best at what they do creating a goodwill that is recognizable nationwide as a top brand and a great place to work. The success of BODYTECH is based on offering a service that is optimized and new for the customer, trying to compete always with BODYTECH itself, offering innovation in everything they do, and mostly having in command two visionary founders that left everything to create this business. The entire mentioned above make BODYTECH one of the most admired and consolidated companies in Colombia and Latin America.

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  • 2012-01-20


  • Bodytech
  • Business in Colombia
  • Challenges
  • Companies
  • Entrepreneur
  • Market opportunities
  • New businesses
  • Sport centers

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