Plan de empresa Dorcé Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Montes Buitrago, Yenni Fernanda
  • Villamizar Blanco, Juliana


  • Dorcé is a business idea that provides a direct answer to women’s clothing needs; through its breakthrough operative system “Taylor made clothing model” whose objective is to revolutionize the traditional method of acquiring female garments in the city of Villavicencio. With the passing of the years, since it’s creation, a great deal of acceptance from the clients, for said operation system has been observed, generating very good economical results derived from it’s principal activities, the design, confection and sales of feminine garments, this is the reason why the development of this graduation project is focused in organizing in a better administrative way, the different process that are carried out within the organization in order to achieve the increase of production, thus being able to reach a wider group of clients, taking into account their needs and the most up to date fashion trends. The goal of this task is to respond and satisfy the Villavicencio women in terms of fashion, service and confection, adding an extra value with shorter delivery times, high quality standards and exclusivity. All of this in only one place. The operative system (differentiating factor) of this business idea consists in offering the clients different models of every piece that composes the garment (neck, sleeves and contour) so that the she is able to build it according to her taste, with the added value of being “Taylor made”. Said exclusive garment, is confectioned and delivered in a maximum of 3 days, depending on the level of complexity of the piece, which guarantees the client, not only the originality of the garment’s design, but also to be delivered in a shorter time than the competition. This is an innovative product and service, directed to women from the age of fifteen, to the age of seventy, residing in the neighboring areas of the company, belonging to the 4, 5, and 6 strata. Women of mid and high society characterized by their taste for fashion and quality. Once the needs from our clients are satisfied, new sales inside their own social groups are initiated, once they have referred positive comments about us with their friends and relatives. This kind of publicity (voiced) has helped the growth of Dorcé throughout the years, without losing the exclusivity of it’s market; nonetheless, the business idea is currently lacking from business structure, from strategies that guarantee its growth and sustainability, it also suffers from lack of immediate financial resources that could make easier the expansion and adequacy of the production plant and the store facilities. This is why the entrepreneurs of this business idea are focusing, through the elaboration of this business plan, to develop, organize and improve the strategies, actions, objectives, alliances, changes and investments that are needed for the internal and external improvement of the company. For the development of this plan, Dorcé has Ms. Doris Blanco, a fashion designer with a 25 year experience in the textile and confection industry in the city of Villavicencio, who’s in charge of the production of the company, two students of International Business Administration, Fernanda Montes and Juliana Villamizar, who are in charge of the administrative, commercial and strategic areas of the company. Similarly, it counts with knowledge of the textile and confection market, as well as historical relations with the different suppliers of raw material in the city, machinery and initial raw material and nearly sixty women that have partnered with the company as clients that are loyal to this business idea, promoting it in an active, positive way day by day, as well as the interest, thrust and compromise from those involved in the development, sustainment and execution of this business idea as a life project.

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  • 2011-12-07


  • Confection
  • Desing
  • Growth
  • Investments
  • Modifiable
  • Piecework
  • Taylor made
  • Women

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