Vida y muerte empresarial. Estudios empíricos de perdurabilidad. Empresas saludables. Caso Pedro Gómez & Cía. Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Mendoza Campos, Andrés Arturo
  • Sánchez Sánchez, Juan Sebastian


  • For several years the Center for Business Studies for Durability (CEEP), Faculty of Management, University of Rosario has done some research on corporate sustainability, and has conducted analysis of the conditions that allow companies to be sustainable time. Studies have shown that there are various factors that allow the entrepreneur to get the achievements and fulfill the mission of your organization. Is to recognize the leadership of the leaders of these companies to build growth over time and important contributions to the development. For the Faculty of Management, University of Rosario is important to acknowledge those entrepreneurs who rise to the sustainability of Colombian companies, which is why several years delivering Colombian Entrepreneur Award of the Year Lorenz Butterfly as a exaltation of the work, as was the case of Pedro Gomez Barrero, who was awarded in 2008. This paper shows the experiences and actions taken by the employer which enabled it to be lasting and example for future organizations. An investigation was conducted and show data that allowed the development of the relevant shares of the company.

publication date

  • 2012-07-27


  • Buisness Perdurability
  • Healthy Business
  • Premio Mariposa de Lorenz
  • sustainability indicators

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