El liderazgo adaptativo de Ronald A. Heifetz. Características alcances y limitaciones Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Gutierrez Celis, Yeisson Fabian


  • This research analyzes the theory of adaptive leadership, an important aspect that was taken into account to develop this research is the partnership between the Universidad del Rosario and the Center for Leadership and Management CLG. That entails academic and economic results for both parties. The CLG develops its training and consulting activities based on the adaptive leadership of Professor Ronald Heifetz.In the first place, the characteristics of adaptive leadership were identified which are: experimental mentality, generate connection with the values, beliefs, anxieties of the followers, create changes according to the demands of the environment. Subsequently, the central concepts of the theory such as: adaptation, technical challenge, adaptive challenge and area of productive imbalance. Next, we analyzed these characteristics and the central concepts used by the authors of adaptive leadership in their statements regarding the theory. In order to identify the similarities with the following styles of leadership: traits approach, behavioral approach, situational approach, transformational leadership, charismatic leadership and spiritual leadership. Subsequently, similarities were found with the following disciplines: sociology, evolutionary biology, political science, strategy, organizational culture and knowledge management. What could be interpreted as a lack of originality in the theory of adaptive leadership. Finally, it concludes by mentioning in detail the advantages and limitations of the theory of adaptive leadership based on the points mentioned above in which the results of the research are supported.

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  • June 18, 2019 8:23 PM


  • Adaptation
  • Adaptive challenge
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Area of productive imbalance
  • Technical challenge

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