El voto electrónico en Colombia: análisis de viabilidad de su implementación Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Mendoza Suarez, Carmen Rosa


  • The electronic voting implementation in Colombia, legal mandate originated in the Law 892 of 2004 in development of article 258 of Colombia’s Political Constitution, it’s the subject of the present work, in which a historical summary of the evolution of voting in Colombia is done, setting the advances in the fulfillment of the, so called, “Electronic Voting Law”, studing the activities realized by the Electoral Organization, specially, by the National Civil Registry, gubernamental entity head of the process, where some tasks aimed inicially to the realization of the pilot test that allows to gain experiences for the imlementation of the mentioned mechanism, were made. Likewise, a description of the difficulties in Colombia as in other countries that have implemented the electronic voting or are thinking of doing it. A fundamental aspect in the analysis are the studies that both defenders and opponents of the mechanism have done, finding that the mechanism is defended and attacked with the same intensity and that there’s not a unique position, maybe the coincidence is given by the necessity of high level of confidence between the stakeholders, which is the key to legitimize it. Ending with the conclusions, that highlight the reality regarding the vaibility of the implementation of the electronic voting in Colombia.

publication date

  • July 5, 2016 4:30 PM


  • Electronic voting
  • state,elections
  • viability
  • vote

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