Misión empresarial Groupon Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Agudelo Segura, Jimena
  • Zabala Vargas, Laura Daniela


  • Groupon is a digital platform that offers daily sales on the purchase of products or services, is of American origin and was created in 2008 in Chicago. The study approach linked to this company is to observe the strategies aimed at customers, which have been developed over the years, where the pillars of innovation and the loyalty of the users they generate through customer service are evidenced. The orientation of the work is based on studying the economic and social context in which Groupon Colombia is located and to begin to identify the opportunities for improvement that they have and to begin to strengthen the implemented plans to attract new clients and their retention. In order to achieve this, an investigation was carried out on the positioning of the company at present, with the support of the commercial area of Groupon, where several factors were found that give it a competitive advantage over other digital platforms. After this study, it was concluded that Groupon has great potential to grow more broadly within e-commerce, in order to maintain its participation and leadership in the Colombian market.

publication date

  • December 6, 2018 7:20 PM


  • Ccompetitive advantage
  • Customer service
  • E-commerce
  • Innovation
  • SEM strategy and SEO

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