Educación y convergencia regional en Colombia como resultado de un país que le apuesta al cierre de brechas y la disminución de las desigualdades sociales Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Varón Rosario, Diego Alejandro


  • This paper examines the hypothesis of whether academic performance has active participation in a process of educational convergence using knowledge saber11 (2005 - 2016) through the methodology used by Arellano & Bond (1991) GMM in differences ratifying the closing of gaps and the decrease of social inequalities. An analysis of β-Beta convergence and σ-sigma convergence is employed. In general, all the indicators show the existence of a high conditional β-convergence of the academic performance although an increase in the dispersion of the same is sustained ratifying the absence of σ-sigma convergence, as controls, indicators proposed by the Ministry of National Education are used of context, resources, process and results.

publication date

  • July 17, 2019 11:31 PM


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