Mujeres que comparten la pena: relatos sobre las dinámicas familiares en la cárcel La Modelo de Bogotá durante el Covid-19 Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Vargas Medina, Jessica Alejandra


  • In this ethnographic research, my main objective was to analyze the transformations of family dynamics as a result of incarceration and the pandemic by Covid-19, through the lens of the women (partners and relatives) of the men deprived of liberty in La Modelo prison in Bogotá. This, through techniques ethnographic techniques such as participant observation and semi-structured interviews to glimpse the different logics and relationships that exist between them as relatives of the PPL (Persons deprived of liberty) and the penitentiary institution (INPEC) as institution that mediates the relationship with their loved ones. This is an investigation that inscribed in the ethnographies of prisons, in addition to being an analysis from anthropology legal and gender studies that show how the prison reality transforms life family, which worsened with the arrival of the pandemic. With this, I affirm that the prison phenomena go beyond the walls and bars of prisons, affecting systematically to a significant number of people who suffer consequences of confinement when faced with the penal system without having committed any crime.

publication date

  • May 6, 2022 7:32 PM


  • Family
  • Family dynamics
  • Gender technologies
  • Institutional violence
  • Legal anthropology
  • Prison ethnography

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