“La ley no sirve para nada, ellos amenazan, ellos pegan, ellos hacen lo que quieren y nadie les hace nada”: Análisis de la violencia de género en la ciudad de Ibagué Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Marroquin Calderon, Samantha


  • This research is based on the fact that in Colombia, gender violence in a couple's situation is considered a problem of social and public health interest, as it has psychological, physical, legal, economic and sexual effects. This has generated an increased interest in the prevention of this violence and the creation of various laws, denounce routes and organizations that seek the protection of women. In the case of the city of Ibague, Tolima, for the last months of 2020, according to the Women's Network of Ibague, there was a high number of denouncements related to this violence. In this regard, I focus on the question: how do the trajectories of women who have experienced intimate couple violence shape the different processes of denouncement in Ibague? To approach this problem (or the trajectory of women who suffer gender violence by their couple and as a result of the processes of denunciation) I conducted fieldwork during the months of June, July and August 2021. During this time, and in the light of gender studies, I interviewed women affected by this violence and the managers of the Women's Network of Ibague. Based on this, the thesis I defend is that intimate couple violence makes women victims not only of their aggressor, but also of a whole circle of violence in which the same social and state institutions intervene, as well as some gender technologies associated with the cultural environment. At the same time, I was able to identify as causes of the situation of violence against women the social imaginaries or representations, such as those produced by the information and entertainment media, discourses, practices, and customs. These causes, as I intend to show, although specific to the cases studied (the women of Ibague) coincide with global and structural phenomena that affect a much broader population. The main contribution of this work is to give visibility to women who have experienced intimate couple violence by narrating their own experiences. At the same time, the discussion that this degree work commissions becomes relevant to continue learning more details about gender-based violence against women.

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  • May 6, 2022 5:05 PM


  • Couple violence
  • Denouncement routes
  • Expressive violence
  • Gender violence
  • Moral violence
  • Rights
  • State

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