Expectativas del nuevo proyecto para la reforma al sistema de salud 2013 Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Vega Rojas, Marcela Andrea


  • This research is willing to prove a hypothesis based on evidence found in theoretical research by experienced authors in this special area. We also will use some national press publications in addition to the laws that correspond to the last health reforms, 1122 and 1438 of 2007 and 2011 respectively.The hypothesis for this research is which follows: “if new projects to health reform don’t include a solution to the main problems founded in the current Health Care System and this law itself, doesn’t establish a fiscal control and a real regulation on health management system resources; Principles as universality, efficiency, integrity, free choice, healthy competition and quality will not be achieved; Therefore, Colombian people won’t use their right to health as suggested by Colombian Constitution of 1991 and Act 100 of 1993.Some theorical and investigative documents have been selected to be analyzed. Some of them are, three national press publications, four documents by specialists and expert authors, three additional documents that correspond to the last two reforms to the health system in 2007 and 2011, and the new project brought out by the government earlier this year.It was considered as crucial to analyze some findings established by some authors, related to a group of variables used to develop this study, which belong to those that influence financial stability and additionally affect people directly impacting the welfare and life quality. These variables are (i) demographic and labor force, (ii) economic aspects such as income levels, wages and employment, (iii) health system coverage, (iv) quality and access to health services system, (v) duplication of expenditure (vi) flow of health system resources (institutional problems), (vii) investment on health and financial stability and (viii) financial regulation.A tool was designed to compare, analyze and summarize theoretical research papers and national press publications. This format consists of three bodies. First body contains some characteristics related to time and place of publication. Second body, emphasizes content, issues and variables of interest to develop this research. And the third body emphasizes content, issues and variables of interest for the development of research and the opinion of investigators.Upon the analysis, synthesis and comparison of these items we solve some questions that can lead us to test the hypothesis. Some of them are: ¿Which have been the main achievements in health with the current system? ¿Which have been the major faults or problems in the current health system? ¿Nowadays, Is there a good management of health system resources? ¿Would financial management of Colombian Health System, let it be a sustainable health system? ¿What is the new health reform project for 2013 about? ¿Do changes outlined in the latest health reform project, lead to breakthrough out the main problems of social security in Colombia? ¿Does the new health reform project achieve a radical improvement in financial management of Colombian Health System resources?, ¿what is the perception of the principal authors, in terms of a total eradication of the most critical issues in the current Colombian health system, with the new health reform project in 2013?The idea of this research starts from the filing of a new health care reform project and the controversy that has arisen around this. After twenty years of 100 Law, important achievements have been identified mainly in coverage. Unfortunately, currently financial and liquidity problems have been manifested, despite of, it is important to say that this system was profitable and financial supported in its operation during its first 10 years. Now, according to theoretical research evidence and national press, we would like to determinate whether the new proposal for health care reform is a good option for the country or not.

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  • September 11, 2013 1:08 AM


  • Compulsory Health plan
  • Coverage
  • Efficiency
  • Health
  • Health care system
  • Public health
  • Reform
  • Solidarity
  • Universality
  • subsidized contributory scheme

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