Estudio del tratado de libre comercio Colombia – Estados Unidos: Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Luisiana y Maine Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Fortoul Zea, Pamela
  • Garcia, Ana Maria
  • Hernandez, Cindy


  • With the globalization process-taking place nowadays, the trade between countries has been one of the most significant agents through time and Colombia has been part of it. For that reason, this project looks up opportunities for Colombian SMEs in foreign markets, specifically in United States, assuming the challenges that come with the Free Trade Agreement, the implications between the exchange processes, and the impact of the balance of trade, mainly in Colombia.Due to this situation, we proposed to develop a project, that focuses on the FTA’s analysis and impact, taking into account each market profiles and its needs, with the purpose of identify opportunities generated by the FTA start up and developing, between Colombia and United States.The project above consists in the analysis of five states (Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine) and the 32 Colombia´s departments. From previous research of both Colombian and American markets, the main idea is to identify and define strategic sectors for commercial progress (higher imports and exports) that will provide potential opportunities to Colombian entrepreneurs.Thanks to framing a FTA within a process of negotiation, the projected identifies the needs of the parties, that is, supply and demand of goods and / or services, each of the key opportunities for national officials involved under the agreement approved.

publication date

  • 2016-11-21


  • Exports
  • Free Trade Agreement
  • Imports
  • Internationalization

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  • 847b553b-5177-4414-b62c-0fd338275df2