Riesgo de accidentes biológicos en estudiantes de la salud: revisión de la literatura en los últimos 14 años. Thesis

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  • Postgraduate thesis

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  • Calle Cardozo, Juan
  • Rojas Paez, Carol Viyalile
  • Sánchez Liévano, Claudia Viviana


  • Background: All workers in the health area are at risk of a biological accident. However students in these areas may have more risk, because they are only in training and had not enough practice or experience. Several articles have studied the incidence and prevalence of biological accidents among workers in the health area, however there is less literature about this issue among the student population. Therefore this review seeks to update and analyze this matter. Methods: A review of the scientific literature about prevalence of biological accidents in students of medicine, dentistry and nursing has been made. The search was made in PubMed database, finding a total of 100 articles published in the last 14 years, written in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. Results: in European countries the prevalence found in nursing ranges from 10.2.% to 32%, in medicine vary from 16% to 58.8% and in dentistry the prevalence was 21.%. In Asian countries, the percentage in nursing varies from 49% -96%, in medicine from 35% -68%, and in dentistry varies from 68. to 75.4%. In North America, medical prevalence fluctuates between 11 to 42% and in dentistry was around 19.1%. Finally regarding South America, the percentage varies from 31. to 46.7% in medicine, and 40% in nursing. Conclusions: We concluded that the prevalence of biological accidents in healthcare students is high all around the world .However according the healthcare career (students of medicine, nursing or dentistry) the prevalence may vary.

publication date

  • 2015-12-09


  • Health Occupations
  • Students
  • biological risk
  • needle stick Injuries
  • occupational exposure
  • post-Exposure Prophylaxis
  • prevalence

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