Análisis teórico y crítico de la gestión tecnológica: estudiando su incidencia en las Pymes Colombianas Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • González Botero, Wilson Andrés


  • This work focuses on research that will contribute in a theoretical and conceptual way and will certainly provide a critical argument to the understanding of the concept of technology management in the last decade, studying its impact on Colombian SMEs and the challenges they must face. The basis of why digital transformation is important for companies will be established, what are the elements that define it and how this is the pillar together with innovation, to give a better focus and more significant factors to technological management as such. its application in Colombian SMEs in the commercial sector and in most companies in general. Antonio Hidalgo, has defined technology management as a process where all activities that enable the company to be more efficient in the use of internally generated technology, as well as that acquired from third parties, must be managed to incorporate it into new products and the way in which they are produced Antonio Hidalgo Nuchera (2002), for this and more positions of strategic and organizational approach, the execution of technological management is considered important and having good R&D resources available for the evolution of organizations, including the SMEs. Globally speaking, there has been a great practice on the part of SMEs to be able to identify which internal and external changes affect them so radically and they can have a better response capacity in dynamic environments and be competitive in a more efficient way reflecting it with their market shares. It is essential that they begin to act in a timely manner in the face of the acquisition and development of emerging technologies that will increasingly help production chains, business models, strategies, and all business management to determine a better competitive advantage.

publication date

  • September 15, 2021 10:08 PM


  • Acquisition and development processes of emerging technologies in SMEs
  • Business dynamism
  • Business management
  • Colombia
  • Digital
  • Importance of digital transformation processes in companies
  • Strategy
  • Technological management in SMEs
  • Technological management in the commerce sector
  • Technology management

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