Contratación atípica en el sector central de la administración pública colombiana (ministerios y departamentos administrativos) Thesis

short description

  • Master's thesis

Thesis author

  • Garcés Castrillón, Juan Sebastián


  • The colombian state contracts estatute (Law 80 of 1993 and the regulations that clarify, complement and develop it), as a devewlopment of the articles 4th and 209th of the constitution and as a example of new ways to understand administrative law allows the government organizations under its regime, in order to achieve their constitutional and legal purposes tu use civil law contracts, expressed in special rules and those derived from the independent judgement without opposing the principle of legality, milestone of public law. However this authorization, the use of atypical contracts is very limited.

publication date

  • 2015-02-02


  • atypical contracts
  • independent judgement
  • principle of legality

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  • 992d173e-8645-445c-be99-93caf7790770