Trabajo infantil y problemas del comportamiento en menores trabajadores Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

Thesis author

  • Cardenas Ramirez, Luz Stella

external tutor

  • Briceno-Ayala, Leonardo
  • Ibáñez-Pinilla, Milcíades


  • Objective: Determine the association between occupational risk factors and behavioral problems in child workers of a marketplaceMethods: Cross sectional study in 100 child workers. A questionnaire was used to evaluate the occupational risks factors and working conditions. For determining the behavioral problems, we used the Child Behavioral Checklist (CBCL-01). The data analysis was done with SPSS v. 26. Univariated, bivariated and multivariated analysis were performed. Results: Male children had more behavioral problem than female (p=0. 001). 76% of children was in clinical range. This range was associated with externalized and internalized behaviors (p=0. 001). Conclusion: Child workers have a high prevalence of behavioral problems and these are associated with early beginning of working.

publication date

  • 2016-06-20


  • Child labor
  • behavioral problems
  • externalized behaviors
  • internalized behaviors
  • occupational health

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  • 9bd13e67-a1cc-4205-a581-595345ec613e