Vida y muerte empresarial. Estudios empíricos de perdurabilidad : empresas saludables : caso Molinos Roa S. A. Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Hernández Romero, Carlos Mario
  • Murillo Calderon, Edmundo
  • Paez Peñaloza, Natalia Andrea


  • Corporate sustainability studies are really important for management and for employers, because with them you can see how successful companies take their direction to survive over time and changes, it following the objectives of the company. In this paper we draw on a Colombian company that has managed to survive and be successful over time: Molinos Roa SA, one of the most recognized companies and veterans in the rice sector. Based on studies to establish management strategies and direction have been taken into account for durability through the years. This study as well as exposing the company and devoted, implements a comparison with different models proposed earlier by the Universidad del Rosario in the Faculty of Administration. First we find the model of the 13 indicators of business sustainability (Rosario, 2009) and secondly, an indicator of sustainability Quantitative (Rivera Guzman, Chain, Beltran & Mendez, 2006). Finally we will look at the business model that the company used to compare with other models stated above.

publication date

  • August 9, 2012 4:08 PM


  • Direction
  • Free trade agreement
  • Management
  • Reinvestment
  • Sustainability

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