Percepción sobre la seguridad en el trabajo en la población del sector eléctrico del municipio de Arauca, 2017 Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • López Zocadagüi, Juan Carlos

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  • Briceno-Ayala, Leonardo
  • Briceño Ayala, Leonardo
  • Varona-Uribe, Marcela


  • Introduction. Safety at work has been a fundamental issue in the configuration of normative and political aspects (public policies), since there are elements of compulsory and business regulation to establish decent working conditions for workers and at the same time , To promote quality components for both entrepreneurs, workers and ultimately the work itself. In fact, safety at work contains several concepts and characteristics that contribute to their full identification as a category and makes it possible to make clear systems of evaluation and analysis. Objective: to identify the perception on safety in work in the population of the administrative and operative area of a company of the electric sector of the municipality of Arauca in the year 2017. Methodology. This research corresponds to a cross-sectional study, with a total population of 69 people working in the administrative and operative area of the electricity sector. Sociodemographic and occupational variables and those related to occupational safety were included, for which the Nordic Questionnaire on Occupational Safety was applied. For the statistical analysis, measures of central tendency and dispersion were used and relationships were carried out between the variables included in the study. Results: A large part of the population surveyed considered that training and education processes in safety are functional and have a direct relationship with prevention, mitigation and elimination of accidents with 91.3% (63), while 97.1% (57) considers that safety reviews are essential in the identification of risks and safety. In fact, the workers' perception about the security system, regardless of their administrative or operational activity, which is statistically significant, while the levels of significance associated with the efforts of the management of the company in the design of safety routines Maintain the hypothesis, indicating that in this type of variables are statistically significant to promote in the labor scenario, a constant relationship between management, safety management and perception about the safety culture by workers. There is also a positive perception regarding the relevant dimensions of the Questionnaire, such as safety training in which culture and safety education processes are involved, and early planning that allows for the prevention and mitigation of risks, which contributed significantly to A good impression on the business management in the subject of security in the workplace. Conclusions. The perception of security in the power company in Arauca allows the precise maintenance not only of safety standards from the legal configuration and business policy, but also of the creation of an internal structure that enables the opening of communications between workers and Business administration, clear and forceful actions, institutional values and constant evaluations.

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  • 2017-06-09


  • Administrative area
  • Health
  • Occupational hazards
  • Occupational safety
  • Perception

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