Mecanismos de mejoramiento en los procesos del Departamento de Gestión Comercial del Laboratorio Clínico Kheneyzir Fayad de Barranquilla. Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Carreño Carreño, Shirley


  • Nowadays, in business environment, firms are planning different strategies in order to improve their efficiency in the performance and competitiveness. In the health business and clinic laboratory of the city of Barranquilla, the laboratory Kheneyzir Fayad is one of the most important and leader in innovation that is implementing different processes in order to improve their integral performance. These processes became in an opportunity to obtain better results in different aspects of the firm, among them, its commercial management. The firm, being conscious of the necessity of implementing some improvements, let make a first view of the processes in its commercial management department, in which different opportunities of improving were found, especially in standardization and monitoring processes. Taking in account this context, this document expose all the process realized by the author and the firm in order to diagnose some improving opportunities, propose and execute some alternative of standardization for the improving of the commercial management department performance and its results for the organization. This project was made by a qualitative methodology that through the observation, interviews and group sessions, some aspects to improve were found by the implementation of different tools that business administration suggest through the standardization process. As a result of the diagnostic process, formats, protocols and mechanism for standardization of processes of the department were created, that made an improvement in the organization of management of the area, more clarity and information internal flow and also the standardization of the most of its information referring to indicators, monitoring and accomplishments.

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  • 2017-10-20


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