La agenda temática e informativa en Twitter durante el Aislamiento Preventivo Obligatorio por la crisis del Coronavirus: políticos, medios y líderes de opinión en la pandemia 2020 Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Martínez Estrada, Julia Sofía


  • The isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 led to multiple discussions on the social network Twitter about the measures imposed by the government and the consequences they had on people’s lives as days went by. In this work, the correspondence between the digital opinion climate of the social network Twitter, in which the opinion leaders, understood as the most popular users, participated and the information agenda of the media with the most presence on it, was analyzed. For this, the trends that occupied the first places for two weeks of isolation were taken into account. It was found that the Colombian government was a protagonist of the mass media, as it produced and spread daily the latest information through the Action and Prevention television show. This makes it possible to question the power of the media by imposing a media agenda since events, government measures and characterized leaders influenced the impact of some messages which users felt more identified with. When analyzing this information under the magnifying glass of the communicative theory of the three steps, it was found that there are emerging leaders in social networks with the potential to influence how citizens perceive events.

publication date

  • January 11, 2022 4:47 PM


  • Coronavirus
  • Informative agenda
  • Media agenda
  • Opinion climate
  • Opinion leaders
  • Twitter

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