Responsabilidad social empresarial Thesis

short description

  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Jacho Larrea, Juan Fernando
  • Jaramillo Ángel, Santiago


  • This degree paper will talk about the importance of corporate responsibility, how companies should see this requirement as something important. Not only to look at how they can generate profits but also to generate aid for those societies that are in a vulnerable state. In addition, there will be a constructive critique about what the economy has generated in man through the ages. Some celebrated phrases about what the responsibility of the business, the connotations it has and the impact it exerts on various branches of the subject. Finally, there will be a case of over-collaboration for the case of Colombia in the Paila, on the implementation of corporate social responsibility in the company, the benefits and also will be discussed how other companies also implement it, finally will give the conclusions from work.

publication date

  • 2017-01-20


  • Corporate responsibility

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  • a7f8c244-3bde-4db5-9e78-558a209a9cbc