Análisis comparativo de la coordinación motriz en mujeres escolares ciclistas y no ciclistas de 12 a 14 años en Bogotá Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

Thesis author

  • Nieto Téllez, Cristian Camilo

external tutor

  • García Laguna, Dayan Gabriela
  • Tordecilla Sanders, María Alejandra


  • The present study consisted of making a comparison of the development of motor coordination between two groups of cycling and non-cycling schoolgirls between the ages of 12 and 14 from a girls' school in the city of Bogotá, through the use of the KTK battery ( Körperkoordination Test für Kinder), statistically significant differences were identified in the mean scores obtained by the group of cyclists (166.43±19.63) versus the group of non- cyclists (144.75±24.14) (P< 0.001). In the same way, a comparison of the levels of physical activity measured with the PAQ-C instrument was made, in which a greater proportion of physically active schoolchildren was found in the group of cyclists. Considering the results obtained in which significant differences were found between the groups observed, this work is proposed as a first step to strengthen this line of research, seeking to promote the use of bicycles and other means of active mobility among the population, with scientific foundations that highlight the benefits that these bring to the health of the population.

publication date

  • January 27, 2023 5:56 PM


  • Bicycing
  • Children
  • Exercise
  • Psychomotor performance

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  • acd10048-6c2d-45fd-8f73-9f26365a8fe1