Consolidación de insumos para la medición del impacto de la gestión de la CAC en políticas públicas relacionadas con las patologías de alto costo Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Gomez, Alejandro
  • González Estefan, Tomás
  • Romero, Nydia


  • The High Cost Account (hereinafter CAC) is one of the few entities in its nature and operation in the world. That is why in order to carry out an investigation that allows measuring its impact, a wide variety of factors must be taken into account, ranging from its legal nature to its foundational objectives, through its field of action. In view of the above, this project seeks to create indicators capable of measuring the impact that CCS has had and a model that manages to capture said impact, for this and with the aim of being able to deepen the components of CCS, the analysis in three parts, with, taking into account that due to the diversity of functions that the entity exercises, a single indicator is not sufficiently broad or robust to generate tangible and real results. The division that arises is the following: 1. Risk distribution mechanism. 2. Function as a control or customer service mechanism 3. Inherence in public policy This analysis seeks to answer the following questions: a. What methodologies have been used to evaluate programs and related institutions around the world? b. What are the outcome variables that should be considered to assess the impact of CCS? c. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various methodologies used? d. Which of them are applicable to the case of the CAC given the information available? and. What is the best econometric methodology to estimate the impact of CCS on the well-being of Colombians? F. For which clinical area (s) is it easier to apply this exercise given the availability of information? Thus, in this document you will find: Normative framework, literature review, literature analysis, methodological proposal, qualitative analysis proposal and conclusions.

publication date

  • August 19, 2021 5:33 PM


  • Analysis of CAC management in Colombia
  • CAC (The High Cost Account: Colombian Fund for High Cost Diseases)
  • Design of indicators to measure the impact of CAC in Colombia
  • Management of the CAC within the General System of Social Security in Health of Colombia
  • Measuring the impact of CAC on the Colombian health system

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