La función administrativa ejercida por el Congreso de la República Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Ortiz, Maribel


  • The administrative function in Colombia, is not only developed by the Executive Branch of government, but also is exercised by the Legislative Branch for the fulfillment of its purposes. It is from The Constitution of 1991, when in development of the constitutional mandate and the authority that has the Congress of the Colombian Republic, two regulations were issued: 3rd law of 1992 (by establishing rules on the Committees of the Congress of Colombia are issued and other provisions) and the 5th law of 1992 (for which the rules of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives is issued), in which unfolds the exercise of legislative activity, however, in these provisions, is not contained explicitly the procedure to be adopted for the exercise of this administrative function and in that sense, both the Senate and the House of Representatives, must resort to issuance of internal resolutions in order to establish the procedure required to fulfill this function.

publication date

  • 2017-04-05


  • Administrative function
  • Administrative procedure
  • Congress
  • House of representatives
  • Senate

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